Who are we and what do we do ?

The Cratis Software company possess the technological resource to assist businesses in staying ahead of today’s fast paced demands. Our team is made up of software professionals and expert user interface designers, as well as quality assurances individuals. The team’s concentration field is within iPhone, Android, and Windows Apps; however, the expertise at Cratis Software extends into web, website, and desktop applications.

This company’s entire suite of services offers comprehensive solutions which may be specifically tailored to meet your current technology systems. From formulation and development to launch our team implements superior, cutting edge resources to transform your mobile and web software needs to spur and support your company’s long term success.

Efficacy begins with a stage of analysis and leads to the development and implementation of our professional software services. The team performs technology and business audits to determine what is current and what may be required for company growth. We develop a plan of action, a schedule, and a budget. We arrange and chart these specifications out in a comprehensive manner in order to sit down and discuss our projections with you. We possess the software to increase the efficiency of web and mobile platforms to supply your business with its unique requirements at the time they are needed. The aim is to engage your visitors and visually enhance their experiences.

The main goal is to work with our clients in order for them to competently secure their businesses IT environment as well as provide optimal monitoring and management. We can provide effectual IT solutions which will grow and develop as your company expands. We consistently perform self-analysis to create innovative ideation and implementation for our own in-house expansion. This is to ensure we are more than capable of keeping up with all of our client’s high-tech demands even before they realize these solutions are required.

Cratis Software’s dedicated team has been in the development business for more than ten years. Our company headquarters is located in Split, Croatia; however we cater to business owners all over the world. The vision was to design a model of transparency and embrace client’s thoughts in order to provide comprehensive and professional software services. We are within the European Union which means that all of our clients are completely protected by the EU laws and regulations.